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Welcome to Bel Air Center!

Bel Air Center is a premier virtual conference center designed specifically for PH patients and stakeholders. Dive into insightful PH presentations, explore virtual industry and PH association booths, engage in interactive chat areas, and much more.

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About Bel Air Center

Bel Air Center stands as the foremost virtual PH conference center, open every day, year-round, catering to a global audience through our extensive translation features.

At its core are the engaging live presentations, accessible at your convenience through our presentation room and available in multiple languages.

Furthermore, the center hosts a wealth of information and materials from PH associations worldwide and leading pharmaceutical companies.

For those inclined towards auditory learning, we proudly feature the entire podcast series from PH Aware, boasting almost 500 episodes. Additionally, you can browse our gallery showcasing artwork and contributions from PH patients, doctors, and various stakeholders.

To foster connections, our social area allows you to chat and host video conferences with fellow club members, creating a dynamic and interactive community.

Bel Air Center - Hotel floor plan

How to use the Bel Air Center?

Tutorial videos

Navigating the Bel Air Center is a breeze! To further enhance your experience, we’ve curated a series of video tutorials ensuring you harness all that the Bel Air Center offers.

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Industry partners

We’re proud to host several PH industry partners at the Bel Air Center. They cordially invite you to visit their booths for valuable PH materials and links.